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The Metropolitan Opera Laffont Competition – Kentucky District

The Metropolitan Opera Eric and Dominique Laffont Competition, formerly known as the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, cultivates young opera singers and assists in the development of their careers.

The competition is held annually in 37 districts and 11 regions of the United States, Canada and Mexico – all administered by dedicated National Council members and volunteers. Winners of the Region competition advance to compete in the National Semi-Finals. National finalists are then selected to compete in the Grand Finals Concert on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Over $400,000 in prize money was awarded to singers in the 2020-2021 season. This prize money allows young singers to invest in further training, travel and career development for their budding careers in opera.

Since November 2000 the Kentucky District auditions have been held in Lexington, Kentucky. Sponsored by OperaLex, these prestigious auditions have awarded over $4,000 in prize money annually and have sent singers on to the Central Regions in Chicago, the National Semi-Finals and the Grand Finals at the Met in New York. The Kentucky District, along with OperaLex, is so proud to host and produce this important artistic event that helps and encourages young singers as they pursue careers in opera. From Lexington to Lincoln Center!