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Susan Gardner

Susan Gardner is a scientist and a lifelong lover of learning and intellectual inquiry. As a professional physicist, she relishes the opportunities she has to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds worldwide and enjoys helping young scientists to realize their career goals. Joining the UKOT /OperaLex Board gives her a chance to help students that she would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. 
Susan was born and raised in Southern California, majoring in physics and chemistry in college, earning a B.S. degree from Cal Tech in 1982 She was elected president of her senior class. She earned a PhD in Chemical Physics from Columbia University and a PhD in theoretical nuclear physics from MIT. She then became a “Wissenschaftliche Mitarbelten, in Heidelberg, Germany, working at the university and the Max Planc Institute, where she met Wolfgang Korsch, who eventually became her spouse. Susan joined the faculty of the University of Kentucky in 1995, where she is currently a Professor of Physics. Her research blends nuclear, particles and astrophysics, and she is a fellow of the American Physical Society.