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Board of Directors

Nancy Wrede, Recording Secretary

Nancy Wrede has for more than a decade been a homemaker and substitute teacher for Fayette County Public Schools, serving as lead teacher, paraeducator, special needs paraeducator, bookkeeper, registrar and attendance clerk. She received her B.A. from Northern Kentucky University, studying business writing with a minor in marketing. Prior to motherhood, she worked in the professional world for twenty years. Her experiences included Marketing/Advertising Assistant, Event Planner, Executive assistant to top executives of global corporations, and Electronic Data Exchange Coordinator. 
Nancy grew up in Minnesota and traveled the world with her mother who worked for the airlines for 30 years, and introduced her children to countless museums, ancient history, and many different cultures.” She introduced Nancy to opera when she was roughly ten years old; taking her to see LaBoheme in Minneapolis. She was also a classically trained vocalist, and introduced her children to opera, symphonies, musicals and more at a very young age, a practice Nancy has endeavored to emulate with her own children. Her interests include travel, hiking, native plants, the arts and music. “Our home is filled with the sound of four people playing piano, guitar, saxaphone and the lovely voice of my daughter, (who sounds just like her grandmother). Now my daughter is a vocal performance student of Everett McCorvey, and it seems only fitting that I join OperaLex since I am a huge fan of the arts.”