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Board of Directors

Yvonne Centers

Yvonne Centers is an Electrical Engineer with a very diverse background in electromagnetic theory and information technology (IT).  She enjoys developing strong business relations with the goal of understanding both the tactical and strategic planning.  Utilizing her logical, analytical, and solution-oriented approach, Yvonne has led the development and delivery of leading-edge solutions.  She has extensive experience in managing complex global projects, as well as managing a team of over 200.  One of her personal goals has always been to create an environment where everyone works as a team to achieve the objectives.  She also enjoys applying these skills to help various non-profit organizations, fundraising activities, and volunteer programs.  Over the years, Yvonne has served on various boards (i.e., Chicago Philharmonic, Children’s Place, UK’s Friends of Music, Opera Guild.) 

Classical music and the arts have always been a major part of Yvonne’s life.  Her German grandmother had a beautiful voice and sang Lieder (mostly Schubert).  Her uncle was usually the leading tenor in opera theaters in lower Bavaria.  Classical music was constantly playing at her parent’s home. One of her favorite pastimes is to listen to chamber music.  Yvonne’s mother, Elsbeth Johnson, helped introduce opera to Lexington.  Yvonne assisted with one of the first Opera Guild fundraisers, a wine tasting and auction event in 1989.  She continued to help with events over the years and watched as the organization grew (eventually combining with the university’s program.)  One of her fondest memories was when several board members and opera fans gathered in the basement of the Opera House, to help sew the costumes for the “Little Prince”.  Lexington’s opera program has evolved into one of the best in the country.  It is exciting to introduce people in the community to Opera and see their world enriched.  Yvonne feels honored and proud to be a member of the OperaLex board.