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Jackie Dawson

Jackie Dawson is the current Heart Walk Director for the American Heart Association. Her entire career has been dedicated to helping communities thrive.  Jackie began her career in Louisville working for the American Cancer Society.  In 2011, she moved to Lexington, Kentucky and worked for a decade fundraising for Shriners Hospitals for Children. While in her professional life she has consistently been involved with wonderful causes, her personal interest in music has not been fostered recently.  Life sort of got in the way.  Growing up in Louisville, she spent a huge part of her youth devoted to singing.  Beginning in middle school, she took private lessons, sang in choir and performed in musicals.  By high school, she was singing solos in show choir at Male High
School, being classically trained by her voice lesson teacher and preparing to major in Music at Centre College. Once at Centre College, she was part of the Centre Singers for 4 years and well on her way to a Bachelor of Arts in Music.  It soon became apparent that she was not cut out to be a music major in one, very difficult, music theory class.  Nevertheless, she continued singing and now is singing once again weekly at Mass at the Cathedral of Christ the King Church. Jackie has a deep passion for music.  Although she was trained classically in sacred and secular music, Opera singers, to her, are like the Olympians of a sport.  That sort of talent is so special and extraordinary and she is honored to help support OperaLex to fund scholarships for these exceptional students. Growing up, her Nana (my mother’s mother) lived in downtown Cincinnati and she has so many fond memories of attending the Cincinnati Opera each year. Jackie’s Nana loved opera because her mother (Jackie’s great grandmother) was an opera singer.  Opera is such a beautiful artform. Jackie loves to do her part to help foster and preserve it for years to come.