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Connie Jennings

Connie Jennings agrees with one of her favorite poets who said “music does what words wish they could.” 
She feels, as many of us do, that there is a power in music that is not easily found elsewhere. This power dissolves culture, language and social divides. 

Music has been a fact in Connie’s life since childhood . Her school years were filled with large choirs, small ensembles and music lessons. One aspect of UKOT that is exciting to her is the exposure and teaching that is provided to regional school children through the outreach programs. 
In her work at UK Health Care, Dr. Jennings’ practice in Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine has given her the opportunity to contribute to the education of young people and share in the excitement of reaching their goals. Likewise, she sees the partnership of UK Opera Theater and OperaLex as a force to provide students the chance to study at one of the top opera programs in the country and to launch outstanding careers. 
Having been a part of the arts in Lexington for 45 years, Connie is encouraged by its steady growth. She looks forward to the next chapter of UKOT and expects to see it become a pillar of the arts in the region.