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Bourbon Raffle

THANK YOU to all who purchased a ticket for the 2022 Bourbon Raffle.


We are so excited to have sold 834 tickets.


The funds and awareness raised for OperaLex and the students of University of Kentucky Opera Theatre through this raffle is incredibly humbling. Thank you all!


Our lucky winner was Ryan from Ohio!

“I just wanted to send a sincere note of thanks to you and the entire OperaLex organization.  It is great to see how much you were able to raise through the Pappy raffle and I am so glad my money is supporting a wonderful cause!  I found out about the raffle through Liquor Barn (thank you to the Liquor Barn team!!).  When I bought my ticket, I never thought I would actually win.  It is surreal to be the proud owner of 5 bottles of the finest bourbon!  Thanks again and congratulations to the many individuals and groups that will benefit from your fundraiser!”