Seeking Newsletter Editorial Services

Opera Lex is seeking proposals for newsletter editing services

OperaLex a non-profit organization based in Lexington, KY is seeking editorial services for its Bravolex community newsletter for opera and voice productions in Central Kentucky (circulation 2,000). 

Services would include identifying articles for inclusion, coordinating with contributing authors, researching and writing articles, layout and design and working with print and distribution services three times per year.  Proposals are being accepted between now and November 8, 2019.  Services to start with the Summer 2020 Issue.

Written proposals should be submitted to Sylvia C. Davis or Ellen Rice for evaluation by a select review committee and approval by the OperaLex board.


Scope of work includes working with volunteer editorial board to:

  1. coordinate with retiring newsletter editor for smooth transition of services.
  2. monitor social media posts, performance announcements, news releases from the University of Kentucky Opera Theatre and other outlets in the Central Kentucky area for upcoming events and news to make a list of potential articles.
  3. working with the volunteer newsletter editorial board to select articles and develop budget for publication, printing and postage for each newsletter.
  4. identifying and coordinating with contributing writers.
  5. researching and composing articles as needed.
  6. developing the layout, design and processing images (or subcontracting those services).
  7. circulating drafts to editorial board for review/corrections/approvals.
  8. working with print services to have the newsletter printed (cost of printing not included in scope of services).
  9. working with mailing services and OperaLex membership database manager to develop mailing list (postage and mailing services costs not included in scope of services).
  10. deliver electronic version (PDF) to OperaLex webmaster for online publication and archiving.

Examples of Past Newsletters
You can find examples of past newsletters here:

Proposal Submissions:

Please submit written proposals to include:

  1. name, address and contact information.
  2. primary contact if proposal is being submitted by a company or service organization.
  3. per-issue cost for services above (Three issues per year).
  4. examples of previous writings/newsletters produced.
  5. statement of experience/ résumé or description of skills related to newsletter production.
  6. references with email or phone contact details.

Please submit proposals via electronic mail to:

Deadline for submission, Friday, November 8, 2019

Evaluation and communications:

  1. We will provide a receipt of proposal via email on submission.
  2. Interviews or requests for additional information will be scheduled through December, 2019 –January, 2020 by the board review committee.
  3. Applicants will be evaluated by past experience, writing examples, background in voice and opera and price per issue.
  4. Applicants not accepted will be notified by email after successful applicant is under contract. (March, 2020)

Essential Contract Elements:

  • The service provider will be a contractor to OperaLex, not an employee or staff.
  • Written contract renewed on an annual basis.
  • Payment will be made after release of each newsletter on invoice per contract details.
  • Contractor is responsible for all regulatory requirements, workplace compliance and safety related to his or her term of service.

For more information about this request for proposals/pricing, please contact:,