Schmidt Opera Outreach Program (SOOP)

The Schmidt Opera Outreach Program (SOOP) is a vital component in the highly successful partnership of OperaLex and the University of Kentucky Opera Theatre.

Support for opera has grown tremendously in Kentucky over the past decade, thanks in part to the dedicated educational efforts of OperaLex/UKOT. Thanks to the hard work and determination of music lovers in Lexington and elsewhere, it has now become a familiar and much sought after form of entertainment throughout the Commonwealth. However, without the continuous effort to educate succeeding generations of opera lovers, the audience will decline. With that in mind, taking a delightful, entertaining and informative production into the elementary schools of the commonwealth seems a very worthwhile endeavor indeed.

SOOP Featured in article By Robin Roenker / Photos by Jonathan Palmer.

University of Kentucky Opera Theatre graduate Taylor Coriell, a Lexington native who now lives and performs in New York City, still gets a little teary eyed talking about her experiences traveling Kentucky as part of the college’s Schmidt Opera Outreach Program (SOOP) in fall 2011. Coriell was cast as Little Red Riding Hood in SOOP’s production of Little Red’s Most Unusual Day. And with the show’s small cast, she crisscrossed the state to introduce opera to some of Kentucky’s youngest audiences, performing in school gyms and multi-purpose rooms.
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