Opera 101 Lecture Series

Opera 101 Lecture Series
Fall 2017 Schedule

tedrin-blair-lindsayPresented by Tedrin Blair Lindsay, Ph.D.

September 30th      In Depth with Verdi’s La Traviata

 October 7th               La Traviata in the Context of                                                           Verdi’s Career 

October 14th           La Traviata’s Influence on                                                                 Subsequent Culture 

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 November 4          Swan Obsession, Part 1: Wagner’s                                             Lohengrin


November 11       No Class: Metropolitan Opera                                                     Auditions


November 18       Swan Obsession, Part 2:                                                                    Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

For the first three class sessions, we will explore La Traviata in the weeks surrounding UK Opera Theatre’s production of Verdi’s middle-period masterpiece.  First, we will examine the work itself; then we will study it from its rightful place as a signal work in the middle of the composer’s career, a fulfillment of what came before and a promise of what was still to come; and finally, as a strong direct influence on future pieces in the genres of opera, film, and theatre.  Then after a brief hiatus, we will reconvene to consider two apexes of Romanticism that happen to have the common thematic element of swans.  I adore swans, and so have always had an uncommon fondness for the opera Lohengrin and especially for the ballet Swan Lake, which I personally consider the greatest musical stage work of all time.  I am excited to share my passion for these soul-stirring “swan songs” with you in the weeks before we all devour those far less majestic and elegant birds, turkeys!
All class sessions will meet from 10:00 a.m. until noon in the Gail Robinson Music Library of the Schmidt Vocal Arts Center, on UK’s campus at the corner of Rose Street and Rose Lane.  Free parking is available behind the building.  Each class session costs $25 and benefits OperaLex, a community support arm of UK Opera Theatre.