Bravo Guild Members

Thank you all for your support!

Bravo Guild memberships as of September 16,   2017

COMPOSER ($101+)

Drs. Virginia and Ron Atwood

Ms.  Jody Bosomworth

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Boyd

Mrs. Naomi S. Broida

Ms. Peggy Brown

Mrs. Mary Donna Broz

Robert and Margaret Cadle

Sylvia C. Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Doherty

Gail H. Hart and Daniel B. Featherston

Ms. Beverly Fortune

Dr. Marilyn Getchell

Bill and Kris Gilbert

Anne and Bob Hackett

Dr. Mona J. Hagyard

Mrs. Phyllis R. Hasbrouck

Mrs. Martine Head

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Pat Host

Alice and Lindsey Ingram

Dr. Harry and Ms. Connie Lockstadt

Mrs. Helen Haywood Mains

Dr. Loys and Sonja Mather

Nan and Doug McSwain

Dr. Frank and Mrs. Patricia Miller

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Mills

Dr. Mike Nichols

David and Donna O’Bryan

Mrs. Carroll Orr

Ms. Juanita Betz Peterson

Ms. Maria Ransdell

Elaine and Calvin Schneider

Dr. F. Douglas and Ms. Phyllis Scutchfield

Dr. Timothy and Patricia Sineath

Ms. Catherine Curry Staib

Mrs. Mim Stambaugh

Drs. Magdalene Karon and John Stewart

Mr. James C. Stillman

Dr. Marian Swope
Phil Dunn and Brian Tremain

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Van Meter

Lee and Audrey Wallace

Ms. Fernita Wallace

Dr. Tom and Genie Whayne

Dr. Bijana Nikitovich-Winer and Dr. Alfred Winer

Dr. Judith Worell








CONDUCTOR ($51-100)



Dr. Susan Abbott-Jamieson

Mr. William D. Adams

Nettie and Bill Adams

Dr. Virginia G. Carter

Genevieve J. Clay

Dr. Janet Collins-Becker

Mrs. Eleanor T. Congleton

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cowden

Jo and Deno Curris

Dr. Evelyn G. De Vane

Denny and Jeanie Dorton

Becky and Tom Eblen

Robert and Sue Wylie Fox

Tom and Ann Garrity

Mr. William Green

Ms. Nancy Bowersox and Dr. Louis Gregory

Mr. Roy E. Griggs

Mrs. Mary Hayden

Mrs. Patricia Herren

Ms. Judy Higgins

Mrs. Barbara P.  Hulette

Mrs. Barbara Ison

Mrs. Linda M. Kelly

Edward and Suzanne Kifer

Mrs. Charlotte Lakers
Mrs. Carole L. Lee

Mrs. Mariana H. Marye

Dr. Jean Marie Massie

Ms. Mary Nell McGary

Ruth Ann Palumbo

Mr. and Mrs. Russell and Miko Pattie

Ms. Beanie Pederson
Mrs. Emily Ann Pike

Mr. Nikko Pitanis

Mr. Robert E. Putt, Jr.

Mrs. Frances P. Roberts

Ms. Caroline T. Ruschell

Ms. Victoria W. Shore

Mr. Joel Siegel

Beverly Sparrow

Ms. Georgiana Strickland

Ms. Anne R. Taul

Phil and Trudy Tibbs

Mrs. Joyce Trivette

Paul and Ginny Tucker

Dr. John and Jacqueline Van Willigen

Mrs. Nancy H. Vennes

Claire and Harold Weinberg

Mrs. June Williams

Ms. Isabel Yates

Dr. Ivan and Mrs. Carol Zabilka


OPERA BUFF ($36-50)


Clint and Georgia Collins

Ms. Annette W. Curry

Mrs. Bert (Lynne) Doyne

Dr. Ron and Colleen Duell

Mrs. Alma Ethington

Mrs. Joan B.  Gaines

Mrs. Barbara M. Hench

Mrs. Jo Ann Miller

Mrs. Jean Sabharwal

Ms. Louise Shouse

Ms. Renate Sward

Ms. Mary Janice Towles

Dr. Ronald E. Walton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Weant


BRAVO ($20-35)

Ed and Leah Atkinson-Brand

Jim and Louise Gomer Bangel

Ms. Evelyn W. Cartmill

Ken Cooke

Sadie and Gary Criswell

Janelle Dishman

Ms. Karen L. Garrison

Mr. William J. Hamilton

Mr. Kenneth Hixson

Ms. Betsey Karns
Janet L. Zusman and Ben Kaufmann

Dr. Tom and Kate Lillich

Ms. Julie Logan

Ms. Teresa Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V.L. Miller

Ms. Adele B. Potter

Ms. Mary Powell and John Poundstone, MD

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Ragland, Jr.

Gloria and Michael Rie

Dr. and Mrs. Clifton Smith

Mrs. Wilma L. Sulka

Drs. John and Diane Arnson Svarlien

Ms. Julia R. Swords

Mrs. Barbara K. Thompson

Ms. Ellen Tillier